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Raised: $9,100

Goal: $8,000

Love & Secrets (Pilot)

Love & Secrets is a beautiful Romance/Drama series that will melt your heart. Our goal is produce more safe, fun, family-friendly content that you will cherish and love. Help us produce this Pilot episode.

Raised: $110

Goal: $10,000

Don't Say My Name TV Series (Pilot)

We re so excited to announce that we will be producing a pilot episode of Don't Say My Name. We will be telling true stories of Human trafficking and we need your help once again to tell these powerful stories. Our goal is to put an end to this horrific crime. Please partner with us.

Raised: $975

Goal: $150,000

So Deserving

After experiencing the unimaginable at the hands of a relative, Lynnette begins the long road toward healing utilizing all the tools possible. While undergoing years of therapy, Lynnette finds comfort in Linda, her confidant and counselor, renewing a portion of her trust in others. Still, nothing seems to help her overcome the deep-seated identity and intimacy issues that plague her on a daily basis.