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No, we understand that sometimes it is hard to reach the goal but you need funds to get going.  You may request a withdrawal once you reach $50 or more.

No, you receive 100% of the funds donated minus the credit card fees (3%).  Donors have the option to add any amount to support this platform.

Your campaign can be as long as you need it to be.  You set the expiration date.

Yes, if you're raising money for a project in the category that are available for the campaign.  If it's not in one of the categories, it means that we are currently not accepting campaigns outside those categories

You can request a withdrawal once you've reach at least $50.00

Yes, this site is 256 bit secured.  In addition, there's another level of security for the payment.

Yes, please share your campaign through Social Media, Email and word of mouth.  The more you share, the more chance people will donate to your campaign.

No, you can go over your goal amount.  The campaign will end on the date you set.

Yes, donors can request refund for whatever reason.