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Super is an exciting new series about a young woman named Kat who has extraordinary powers. She tries to use her power for good but a surprise visit will let her know why she has been chosen to do so. Watch the first episode above. Any amount you donate will go directly to filming more episodes.

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Amazing Grace

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The Cool to Be Kind Project

The PSA short film awareness for Y iCount deals with a teenage girl wrestling with body dysmorphia and low self-esteem. The story will focus on the internal battle that the mind of a teenage girl goes through trying to fit in and be liked by her peers.

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Goal: $100,000

Break the Cycle

Break the Cycle is true story of Cyril Prabhu founder of Proverbs226 prison ministry and three other kids whose parents are incarcerated and how their lives are touched and changed by proverbs226 ministry. Break the Cycle is an effort aimed at fighting and bringing to light the most dangerous epidemic in America: fatherlessness which results in generational incarceration of the fatherless children.

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KiDs Beach Club Season 3

Help us produce Season 3 (20 additional episodes) of KiDs Beach Club TV! This unique show for preteens has won multiple Telly Awards and the 2022 National Religious Broadcasters People's Choice Award for Children's Television. These shows teach character through the lens of scripture in fun, creative ways.

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Second Son

In this campaign, Zero Axis Studios is creating comic books, graphic novels, and an animated series called "Second Son" for the faith and family audience. We are currently in development but in order for us to continue creating this awesome content we need your HELP and SUPPORT. When you donate know that every dollar directly support this project and all its subsequent content.