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5 Reasons Fundraise for your Film

So, you have a written your script and now you're ready to start your film but there's one problem.  You don't have all of the money needed to produce your film.  Well, here are 5 reasons you should use this platform to fundraise for your short, feature, doc, animation or experimental film project.

1) You receive all of the money that you raise.  You work very hard to raise the money and you need every penny and for that reason, we do not take a percentage from you.  All the money you raise is yours.  The only fee (which is out of our control) is the credit card fee of 3% which is deducted from your account.

2) Unlike other platforms, this is specifically designed for Christian/Faith-based projects.  

3) You can set recurring donations.  Give your donors the opportunity to donate each month.

4) Perks.  Provide perks for your donors.  You can give them a shoutout, film credit etc.

5) We pray on your projects.  Every campaign that is submitted and approved, we pray on these projects for success.

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